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Anahata TherapyPhysical Trauma Release

When you read or listen to the words ‘PHYSICAL TRAUMA RELEASE’, do you find yourself wondering - what does this actually mean?

Let's make it simple. Have you or anyone you know, been unfortunate enough to have experienced a change or shift in life after an accident or surgery, in a not-so-good way? If yes, then it is here that ‘PHYSICAL TRAUMA’ comes into play.

Let's understand it a little better..

Whenever our physical body gets physically impacted i.e., hit or cut, it undergoes trauma. This physical trauma could be because of an accident or surgery, a fracture, dental tooth extraction, injection of anaesthesia, being cut by a knife/ blade, childbirth through C- section. It could also be because of something as simple as a physical hit by someone else such as a slap or even a punch!

With time and with appropriate treatment the physical body might look fine - a broken bone joins back or a wound heals, but the impact of the physical trauma remains.

Access Bars Healing

Access Bars Healing

The memory of such trauma along with the physical, emotional and mental impact of the same, remains and gets deeply embedded at the cellular level. The impact of physical body traumas caused due to accidents, surgeries or any other incident can remain within a person for decades and the aftermath of such trauma may unravel in the form of:

  • Chronic pains
  • Loss of vitality/vigour
  • Muscle tensions
  • Headaches
  • Behavioural changes
  • A complete change in personality
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bad relationship with the body
  • Strange body reactions
  • Other diseases such as amnesia, urinary tract infection etc. And so on.....

PHYSICAL TRAUMA RELEASE is a healing technique through which the residual effects of a PHYSICAL TRAUMA (caused due to accident, violence, shock, coma, surgery etc.) are addressed at the deepest levels & subsequently healed and released; thereby helping an individual regain their vitality and restore their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing the impact of any such physical trauma, please feel free to connect with us. We would love to help you heal the same! 🙂