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Everything is energy. Things, objects, places, people, spaces, everything has energy. And the energy of everyone and everything that we interact with or engage in impacts us.

That being said, do you realise that the energy of the space where you spend most of your time, would have a significant impact on you? It could be your home; it could be your work space or any other place where you invest a lot of your time and energy. Which is why it is so important that all the spaces that you are connected with, should be clean (energetically as well as physically), since that energy will have an impact on you as well. For instance, we all get our homes and offices cleaned everyday – swept and swabbed, isn’t it? What would happen if we wouldn’t clean our spaces? There would be dust and dirt that would gather and the space would finally become so unhygienic that it would start impacting our health. The same concept can be extended to the energetic hygiene of our space. Only difference being that physical dirt can be seen while energetic grime cannot be physically seen. So, most of the time we are not aware of it.

Access Bars Healing

Access Bars Healing

Sometimes, energy blockages in the form of lower or negative energies can plague a space and create obstacles in one’s life. Think of it as, toys and other objects scattered in a room on the floor. Will you be able to roam and walk about freely in this room? No right? Firstly, you will have to mind your step to avoid all the clutter that lies around so that you do not hurt your foot, and chances are, that still you would stumble upon some of the objects on the floor. Point being, there won’t be freedom of movement. It is the same with energy. If there are energy imbalances or negative energy vibrations in a space, energy cannot FLOW FREELY, as these lower vibrations act as stumbling blocks or hurdles and obstruct the free movement of energy.

Now you must understand that for the universe to be able to bestow all forms of abundance upon us, it requires an ENERGY OF FLOW, which essentially means, that it requires an ambience or space where energy flows smoothly. If there are stumbling blocks and energy cannot flow smoothly, abundance may elude such a space, which in turn may result in the inhabitants of that space experiencing obstacles or challenges in various areas of their life – such as finances, career, health, relationships, etc.

At Anahata, we offer space clearing services (done remotely as well as in person) to help release such obstacles so that your space is equipped to welcome abundance in all its forms.

If you have been facing unexplained life challenges, pertaining to health, finances or anything else, you may want to consider getting your space assessed since your space may just need a clearing.

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