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Anahata Therapy Allergy Removal

What do you feel or think when you hear the word ‘ALLERGY?’

Notice your reactions, thoughts, emotions, feelings or visuals on hearing or seeing this word. If you are neutral about it, that is awesome! However, the chances of having a neutral or a pleasant response or feeling to the term “allergy”, are less! Which is why we want you to know that we understand the unpleasantness that is associated with allergies and are here to help!

Just to first understand a little bit about what an allergy exactly is, simply put - an allergy or allergic reaction is the body’s way of almost instantly or immediately rejecting any substance or thing that the body does not have the tolerance for either due to some sort of an energetic misalignment or due to an unpleasant memory associated with that particular substance or thing!

An allergic reaction could be in the form of hives, swelling, cough, sneezing, diarrhea, etc. and is the body’s attempt to restore itself back to safety and protection when it perceives something as being not safe or not in alignment with itself.

In short – the body throws up an instant immune response to any thing or substance that it may perceive as a threat or danger, every time that one is exposed (consumed or experienced internally/externally) to that particular substance or thing.

Access Bars Healing

Access Bars Healing

Examples of some substances or things that people are known to be allergic to are - shell fish, nuts, lactose, gluten, certain detergents, dust, pollen, oils, creams, artificial colour, extreme stress, etc.
(This list is indicative and not ‘all inclusive’.)

So, then is there a cure? A Solution?

Can allergies be alleviated or even completely healed?

And the answer to that is a RESOUNDING YES!


There are various reasons why the body could perceive a substance or a thing as a threat and throw up an immune response in the form of an allergy; And, these reasons can definitely be explored, identified & healed through hypnotic techniques & modalities. These modalities while non-invasive, allow a person access to the depths of their own mind so that the source of any issue can be effectively traced & addressed!

At Anahata – Look Deeper, we aim to heal allergies, by helping you explore, identify & address the SOURCE/ROOT CAUSE OF AN ALLERGY through Hypnotic healing methods. These healing methods & techniques help alter the unpleasantness associated with the memory or equation, that you may have with any substance or thing, so that you can get to a space wherein, if you do not consume something - it would be out of choice & not compulsion!

So, if you or anyone you know, struggles with allergies of any kind, you need not feel helpless anymore! Connect with us to see how we can work together to help you free yourself from the clutches of allergies!