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Anahata Therapy Organ Regeneration

Mostly, we all are born with a healthy body - functioning at its highest potential. The different organs / systems of the body work in a beautifully synchronised manner, thereby contributing to our overall well being. But sometimes we may experience some health challenges or imbalances at the physical level - it could be general aches & pains or some health condition such as diabetes, thyroid, asthma, arthritis, hair fall, knee pain, PCOD etc. to name a few. And then, more often than not, we start attributing this state of not so good physical health, to either our increasing age or our external situations / circumstances, etc.

But, have we ever stopped to think that what is it that has caused this breakdown to set in?
Despite being born with a healthy physical body, what changed along the way?
Or have we ever wondered that even if someone is born with a disease or physical ailment, what could be the reason for it?
Is there a solution available?

The unfortunate truth is, that most of us still believe that certain health conditions can only be maintained, and not healed or reversed. Which is why, we don't even bother looking deeper and exploring the root cause for the health challenge. Also, a common belief that plagues mankind, is that with age there will be an onset of diseases and health challenges. This need not be true at all!.

Access Bars Healing

Access Bars Healing

The truth is that we CAN HEAL OUR ORGANS and restore their functioning to optimal levels.
This is called as regeneration of the organ(s).

The study of EPIGENETICS shows how our behavior and environment can have an impact on the way our genes work.
And to an extent, it is our perception or belief system that determines our behaviour, which in turn influences the chemistry of our body. So, simply put, this translates to perception influences the way our genes work. So, whether a particular gene is expressed or repressed, to a great extent is determined by our perception.

Hence, by changing our perceptions or beliefs, we can make our physical health better.

Organ regeneration is a healing technique in which beliefs or perceptions, which resulted in the expression of the gene of a disease, are altered. It is a technique in which stuck emotions and belief systems/perceptions (which caused the health challenge) are released from the affected organ.
This results in a regenerated, healthy organ and eventually, improved physical health.

So, if you feel that you are struggling with physical health challenges or ailments, then you might want to consider exploring ORGAN REGENERATION as an option for resolution!