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Welcome to Shiva’s abode! Yes, you read that right! SHIVODHANA™ as the name suggests, is an alternative healing modality that focuses on bringing about enormous levels of healing in unimaginable ways, with the primary driving force for the same, being the Master Shiva! And, as a facilitator of this beautiful healing technique, we completely surrender to this indigo deity along with other divine masters, as they abundantly shower their healing and grace upon all those who experience SHIVODHANA™.

At this juncture we feel it is important to clarify, that SHIVA or the healing modality SHIVODHANA™ have no bearing on or basis in any religious or belief system. SHIVA is a master, a divine being of universal love and light, who helps all irrespective of their religious and other beliefs.

Every soul goes through a series of experiences for growth and evolution. Of these experiences, the human experience is said to be a very valuable one in every soul’s journey – one where a soul experiences phenomenal growth and development.

Through its journey of evolution over multiple cycles of incarnation and re-incarnation, every soul, that is each of us, has diverse experiences which impact us in both – healthy as well as unhealthy ways based on how each of us has perceived them. This divinely guided healing modality aims to address and heal those parts of you that were ever impacted in the so called “not so healthy ways.” These parts go beyond your current incarnation in all directions of time and are most probably affecting your current life in ways that you may not be able to explain, fathom or even logically justify. This is not your regular Past Life Regression Therapy friends; this is so much more than that! You need to actually experience it to truly understand it!

Access Bars Healing
Access Bars Healing

SHIVODHANA™ is completely presided over by DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and facilitated by TRISHA KAUSHIK of ANAHATA – Look Deeper, who is the sole owner of this modality.

Let’s just say that a recipient of healing under SHIVODHANA™ shall in truth, be experiencing a deep interaction and engagement with divine consciousness.

So, let your soul be at one with supreme consciousness! This is exactly what SHIVODHANA™ is all about!

Examples of some situations where SHIVODHANA™ may just be what you need, are -
1. If you are experiencing Financial Challenges;
2. If you are experiencing Health Challenges;
3. If you have been or currently are in a Toxic Relationship or Marriage;
4. If you have unexplainable Fears or Phobias;
5. If you cannot find logical reasons for your current life experiences or challenges;
6. If you intuitively feel that something from another timeline or reality is currently affecting your life; etc.

To understand if SHIVODHANA™ is just the thing for you, do get in touch! We will be more than happy to address all your queries!

The alternate healing modality ‘SHIVODHANA™’ is the sole property of Anahata - Look Deeper. It is owned by Trisha Kaushik - founder of Anahata - Look Deeper. All rights reserved.