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Anahata Therapy Access Bars Touch Therapy

ACCESS BARS is an alternate healing modality, which involves touching the 32 unique points on the head, that co-relate to different areas of one's life. This results in the release of electromagnetic charges of all thoughts, emotions, beliefs, ideas & attitudes that hold you back in various areas of your life.

Explore & Experience the healing power of magical 32 points on your head that can refresh, rejuvenate & rewire your life for the better.

Access Bars Healing
Access Bars Healing

Anahata Therapy Access Bars Clearings

“Be realistic; plan for a miracle." – Osho

Our lives are no less than a wonderful miracle - only if we choose to keep our logic, calculations and beliefs aside and allow for this miracle (that is all-pervading) to happen.

One of the ways in which we can receive what we truly desire in life, whether it be health, career, relationship, money or anything else, and can make our lives magical, is by dissolving our limiting beliefs about the same and by putting up relevant questions to the UNIVERSE to have our desires fulfilled, as what we ask for, is given.

Explore & Experience the power of Access Bars healing that can refresh, rejuvenate & rewire your life for the better, because you deserve to experience in full, the MAGIC AND MIRACLE that life truly is!